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Let's build

the future together.


Meet David

Growth Leader, Systems Builder, Problem Solver

Throughout my career,  my driving impulse has been to build -- interventions, organizations, networks, systems. My professional strengths are centered in gathering input, visioning, building relationships, and activating ideas. I'm energized by the process of developing a plan with a team and then bringing it to life. Cause-related enterprises are my sweet spot, and I have led high impact initiatives in youth development, workforce development, and healthy food access. My approach is grounded in the strong belief that the solutions we design must be equitable and just. If you have a tough social problem you're trying to solve, or a big idea you're trying to activate, let's start a conversation.


What is Laduma?

The right question is actually "Who is Laduma?" Laduma is the elephant David rode at a sanctuary in Zimbabwe when traveling through Southern Africa. He has enjoyed a mild obsession with elephants since early childhood, when his father would take him to the local zoo on weekends to feed Fanny, the  elephant in residence there. He later learned about the majesty of elephants -- their loyalty, power, playfulness, generosity, and intelligence. Laduma's name comes from a Zulu word which translates as "it thunders." South African soccer fans shout it when their team scores a goal: Laduuuuuuuma! David hopes the work of Laduma Strategy will make a sound that reverberates for those seeking to have an impact.

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